My main objective in life is to understand and respect all people in hopes that they do the same for me.

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ryan & tessa per episode: 2x10 Chinese Chicken (4/4)

"Woo! Crush those numbers, Tessa! Destroy that math! Yeah!"


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Major sugar crash coming along

Today I went to a cake club. I have probably had more sugar this afternoon than I should in this whole week oops. I can’t make buttercream without eating half the bowl and then trying about 8 cakes on top of that..

On the other hand, it was all yummy and it didn’t rain and met lovely new people and so perfect for a picnic :)

A Sunday well spent I think!

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Watercolor on Aquabord.  Artist Calmality / Faryn


Watercolor on Aquabord.
Artist Calmality / Faryn

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are tectonic plates dishwasher safe?

idk but they’re perfect for a continental breakfast

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how to listen to owl city without grinning like a ridiculous idiot:

  • you cant
  • im sorry
  • its impossible
  • honestly don’t even try
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Oversleeping really does put me in the worst of moods I was asleep for ten hours and my head feels like a hot air balloon and now I am quite sad. Hmph.